Rating and Reviewing


★★★ : Outstanding

★★★★ : Great

★★★ : Just ok

★★: Don’t like it

: Hate it!



To start off, thanks for visiting my blog whether you just stumble across or otherwise.

Anyway, I don’t write what I think about the books every single time I’ve finished them. I most certainly do write full length reviews for every book. Sometimes I think just a few lines are enough to express how I feel. Check me out on Goodreads where I generally post both short and long reviews.

Please keep in mind that each book affects people differently. My rating is solely based on my opinions and preferences. As a result, I might think some books are horrible, while you may find yourself enjoy them greatly.

Don’t judge a book by its rating

I love hearing what other people think of the books I have read, so feel free to leave comments even if your opinions do not coincide with mine.

I currently moderate a group on Goodreads with a co-moderator. Check out the group, Crazy for Young Adult Books and join in the fun with other 5,900+ members.

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